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While we were sleeping in Israel - it turns out that the other side of the world was also asleep

אנטישמיות באוניברסיטאות
While we were sleeping in Israel- it turns out that the other side of the world was also asleep.
This short video from a debate in the American Congress is simply shocking: three presidents of universities are asked a question: Is calling for the extermination of the Jewish people allowed or not on your campus? Is calling for genocide a violation of the rules?
It's a very simple question, isn't it? It turns out that it’s not. Three presidents of some of the highest regarded academic institutions in the United States (Harvard, MIT, Penn) are unable to answer this simple question.
80 years after the Holocaust, in the strongest super power in the world, a question is asked that every child in kindergarten, every person who distinguishes between good and evil can simply answer.
But out of pity for the aggressor, out of too much intellectual chatter, too much sophistication and theories, they are simply unable to answer.
Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, president of Yeshiva University, rightly said a few days ago: "These are days of moral clarity". This is what is happening here right now, from Gaza to the United States - moral clarity. Which side are you on, the side of the light or the side of the dark?
The war is not only about the future of the children of Sderot or Be’eri. It is about the future of the children of London and New York, about the future of the sane world.
Our dear brothers, our Jewish and non-Jewish supporters in the United States, are praying for us these days. They send us good wishes and express their concern.
This morning - we send them prayers back. Our condolences.
There are many ways to respond to this darkness. Here is another important one: tomorrow we light the first candle of Hanukkah.


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