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In Stressful Times: Find a Pasuk (Verse) to Hold Onto

ה עוז לעמו יתן

* Translated by Janine Muller Sherr

“Shalom, Sivan, my name is Renana Seri. During these difficult days, when we are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety about the future, I would like to share with you a technique I’ve developed to cope with the stress.
My husband has been called up to serve in Gaza for the second time, and I am the mother of three small children. Since the beginning of the war, it has been my practice to choose one verse from Tanach each day to give myself strength.

The pasuk (Biblical verse) that I chose for today is from Psalms 112:7: 'מִשְּׁמוּעָה רָעָה לֹא יִירָא, נָכוֹן לִבּוֹ בָּטֻחַ בַּה''.
“He is not afraid of evil tidings; his heart is firm, he trusts in the Lord.”

These are difficult times; we are being constantly exposed to bad news and nerve-racking reports. But this verse filled me today with a sense of security and hope. The words are ancient, yet they feel so relevant to me now. Of course, we need to be prepared to protect ourselves and to follow protocol; but our story is much bigger than what is happening around us.It is important to remember that we have a special connection with God. Our enemies are transient, but we are eternal. Good will ultimately defeat Evil, even if the road ahead is long.

The verses in Tanach (the Bible) are so powerful. When I keep these verses in mind, I feel like I am connected with a reality that is infinite and not limited to the partial reality revealed in our world.

I’m sending you several verses that have inspired me lately. I recommend that everyone find their own verses that speak to them and can offer them strength during this time.
May we merit to see the fulfillment of these powerful verses and to hear good news soon.”

“He is not afraid of evil tidings; his heart is firm, he trusts in the Lord.” (Psalms 112:7)

משמועה רעה


“Take counsel and it will be foiled; speak a word and it will not succeed, for God is with us.” (Isaiah 8:)

עוצו עצה ותופר


“May the Lord give strength to His people; may the Lord bless His people with peace.” (Psalms 29:11) ה עוז לעמו יתן



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