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Remember the seventh day

בית חבד ברילוצ'ה

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

“Shalom Sivan, this is Boaz Klein, a Chabad emissary in Bariloche, Argentina. Thousands of Israelis of every kind pass through here each year, but now there is a new and special group that we are hosting with love: army reservists who just finished serving in Gaza.

Every evening we have a barbecue with hummus, shakshuka and hot soup, but the food is not what this is all about. Our story concerns the heart and the words, defying description, that come from it. Such words, these days, are best represented in an appeal commonly heard here: Remember the seventh day.

These words do not only apply to Shabbat but to that other seventh day — the seventh of October. To safeguard at all costs what all of us felt on that day. Enormous pain, but tremendous unity and strength that were revealed in all their glory. In a flash, like a bolt of lightning, we were reminded of who we truly are and that we are one. It is forbidden to forget the seventh and, in this spirit, we must take responsibility for each of our words and for each other.

Please make it possible for these reservists to return to a unified home. I want to shout from Argentina to Israel in the name of the hundreds of fighters I have met here: Remember the seventh!”


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