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A picture of consolation and renewal

קו הרקיע של שדרות

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Half a year has passed since the war began. So many difficult, soul-wrenching pictures have been shared. But yesterday I was sent a picture that encouraged me and lifted my spirits.

Brigadier General (res.) Ram Shmueli, principal of the Alliance School in Haifa, took this picture on a recent visit to the city of Sderot, less than a mile from the Gaza Strip, and wrote as follows:

“This is the skyline of Sderot today. We are building and winning and being renewed. Whoever harms Israel, whoever kills and destroys, pays a heavy price in total destruction and an impoverished life. Yet it is vital not to flagellate ourselves with self-doubt or give way to dark forebodings. We must, instead, bask in the light that radiates from our success, to focus on building and creative activity. It is also critical that we appreciate the achievements of the next generation. When the horizon is studded with construction cranes of new apartment buildings, it’s a sign of renewal, hope, and a better future.”

There are many consoling captions that could be attached to this picture, but it’s enough to just look at it to be consoled and renewed.

May everyone hear good news.


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