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If I am still here, it means I am committed and in love

מחויבות ספר ויקרא

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

There are books in the Torah that are more exciting than the book of Leviticus which we began reading last week. After the book of Genesis with its description of the creation of the world and the history of our patriarchs and matriarchs, and the book of Exodus with its account of the dramatic events leading up to our departure from Egypt, we come to a book that is concerned primarily with instructions regarding the sacrificial service in the Mishkan.

So why should we study Leviticus with the same passion we have for the other books? Because if you stay focused and engaged even when things are not so exciting or easy to comprehend, it demonstrates your sense of obligation to a higher value or purpose. In Leviticus, the Torah discusses matters that are not readily understandable, but if you are fully invested in the story, then you are not just looking for entertainment, but for a chance to show your commitment and love. If something is precious and holy, you don’t leave it in the middle when a challenge arises. Instead, the difficulty becomes an opportunity to dive deep, to investigate matters that are less glittery and popular, but hold a special sweetness as you learn more about them.

This principle is relevant not only to Torah study, but to marriage, to children’s education, to the workplace and to everything else: If I am still here, no matter what, it is a sign that I care, a sign that I am immersed in the unfolding story and that every chapter arouses my love.


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