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Words of wisdom from Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein for times like this

הרב יעקב אדלשטיין

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Today is the anniversary of the death of Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein, who served as the rabbi of Ramat Hasharon and the spiritual advisor and comforter to tens of thousands.

During war or following a terrorist attack, when children approached him and said they were afraid, he recommended that they learn Mishnahs and passages from the book of Psalms by heart.

When people would ask him for a general piece of advice, he would suggest they begin to exercise. A healthy soul is within a healthy body.

One woman who visited him described how he helped her as follows: “I came to him overwhelmed with worries. And then he made a remark that had a profoundly calming effect : A person who respects and honors others will not have any worries in their heart.”

And he once said: “Guilty feelings are a strategy utilized by the evil inclination to confuse us and to make us think about the past instead of the future.”

In his memory.


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