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Words are much more Valuable than Money

At the Kosher grocery store in the city of Manchester, England, they gave customers near the registry a leaflet titled Torat Avigdor with Torah thoughts by Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZT"L. I opened it and read the following:

"People are soul-searching these days for remote sins, big inequities, but our biggest inequity is sometimes not to smile to others. Whoever gives the poor a smile, gives him much more than money. Whoever causes pain to another with his words, hurts him more than if he had stolen money from him. Whoever gives another a good feeling, joy, peace and self worth - his giving is the greatest. How many times we could have said a kind word to a friend, to our wife, to our children - and missed the opporunity. Imagine that a moment before we enter our home, we would stop with our hand already on the door handle and plan the kind words we would say to our family members. It is simply a terrible miss, because it is so easy to behave differently. People walk the street with a sour, frowning expression on their face and think that it is totally OK. But it says: 'Receive every person with a welcoming expression'. And more than this, our Sages declared: 'Greater is the one who shows his white teeth to his friend than the one who gives him milk'. Picture to yourselves a person who works hard for his livelihood walking down the street and then receiving from us a cold glass of milk. It is wonderful. But to show him our white teeth, to smile at him - this satiates a far greater hunger of his. It is an important part of our work just prior to Yom Kippur, and it is so easy and close to our hearts."


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