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Women on a mission, now more than ever

כינוס שליחי חבד

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

The group picture below was just taken in New York at the yearly gathering of women emissaries (Shluchot) of Chabad. Thousands of rebbetzins and leaders, young and old, from all over the world come together every year to gather strength from one another and then to return to their many projects and initiatives with new found inspiration. These are historic days. “People who never came to a Chabad house, not even on Yom Kippur, are coming now — because of the underpins attack on Simchat Torah,” emissaries from all over the globe told me. “Many Jews understand that this is a struggle between light and darkness. They want to be on the right side and thus want to learn more about themselves and their identity as Jews.”

6,000 women emissaries are there. They are facing a wave of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel demonstrations on one side and a wave of Jewish awakening on the other.

Each one of you is invited to think about the Chabad emissary that you know personally and to contact that person now; if you have not yet made the acquaintance of a Chabad emissary, search for the one nearest you.

To the dear Chabad emissaries in the Gaza envelope down south, to the dedicated emissaries on the border up north, by way of the emissaries in Russia and the Ukraine who are still in the midst of war, to the emissaries in London, in France, and on college campuses in the United States — at the front lines of the struggle for getting out the truth and explaining how Jews are to respond to current events — thank you. May you continue to enlighten and to light up the world.


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