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Who did you pray for today?

תיכון יהודי גיברלטר

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Shalom from Gibraltar.

At the entrance to the local Jewish high school there is a sign that reads: “Let’s pray for each other.” And next to it is a list of all the girls in the school.

I learned that each girl was given the name of a classmate, along with her mother’s name, and then heard from this classmate what was lacking in her life in order to pray for it on her behalf.
Miriam Bonshek, the school principal, explained that this is a project for the month of Elul in preparation for the High Holidays.

This educational campaign inculcates values such as caring sincerely about another person, that the world does not revolve only around us, that the concerns of others deserve our prayers.

Most of us are no longer high school students, but we can still conduct such a campaign as adults. To pray for a close friend and, perhaps, to ask them without embarrassment to pray for us.

Thank you high school girls of Gibraltar for teaching me a valuable lesson. May all our prayers for each other be answered.


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