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When a baby born in Hong Kong has his brit in Switzerland

צילום: צביקה רוף.

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

In Israel today, all corona restrictions requiring a green passport have been removed, but there are those who are still contending with the pandemic, as illustrated in the following story.

In Hong Kong, a son was born to Rabbi Yisrael Lieberman and his wife Menucha. For the past month and a half, they have been trying to give him a brit. However, no one can enter Hong Kong except permanent residents and no mohel has been able to gain access to the city. Now, when Switzerland suddenly opened up to a few incoming flights, a solution was at hand. The Lieberman family flew from Hong Kong to Switzerland, landed yesterday in Basel, and immediately held a brit. "And the name by which he will be called in Israel is Levi."

At the brit, broadcast on ZOOM to the Jewish community in Hong Kong, the father said the following. "At a brit milah, we are accustomed to bless the baby: 'Just as he has entered into the Covenant, so may he enter into Torah, into marriage, and into good deeds.' Why, in fact, do we say 'Just as he has entered into the Covenant?' What is so special about this Covenant? At his brit, the child is pure, innocent, without sin. We wish that he should continue to be that way as he reaches other stations in life, that he will preserve that innocence. And in this case, we will add one other wish: just as this brit was done with self-sacrifice, firm resolution, and devotion to a mitzvah, so too will Levi continue to live as a Jew throughout his life."

Mazal tov.


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