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What's the most optimistic verse in the Torah?

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

The most optimistic verse in the Torah in my opinion appears in this week's Torah portion: "And the sons of Korach did not die." (Numbers 26:11)

Korach, you will recall, led a bitter dispute with Moshe Rabbeinu that ended in tragedy. In the end, Korach and his followers died, and it would seem self-evident that his sons would die together with them. But no. Our sages tell us that at the last minute they showed regret and therefore were saved. "And the sons of Korach did not die."

How surprising. Even if you were Korach's son, even if you had been involved in the controversy, you could be regretful and be saved. The same is true today. The son of a criminal does not have to be a criminal. A person who chose the wrong path in life can show regret. Even if we get into trouble, even if everything seems lost, even if we allow our environment to negatively affect our lives -- we can stop and change the reality around us and we can change ourselves. It's always possible, in the end, to change our minds and make the right choice.


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