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What was good about this year?

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Every now and then on Shabbat we do what's known as "Tzuri's go around." Tzuri Har-Tov, of blessed memory, was accustomed during Shabbat meals to go around the table and have all those present take turns talking about the good things that happened to them during the week. Each person was obligated to find something positive to say about the week just ended. This led those who adopted Tsuri's practice to notice and make a collection of the good things that happened during the week.

It's been a while since we did a go around like this so yesterday on Shabbat I suggested we do it, only this time each person would consider and speak about the entire year: What were the good things that happened to each of us during the year?

After Shabbat ended, I was surprised to receive the following message from Hillel, Tzuri's son: "Hi Sivan. Two years ago you wrote about 'Tzuri's go around' in memory of my father. Those who adopted the practice saw it as a huge favor to them. I thought that before Rosh HaShanah this year it would be worthwhile to publicize this practice again, but differently. This was not an easy year, the coronavirus isn't going anywhere, and all of us face challenges. It seems to me that this practice could be followed on Rosh HaShanah itself. The idea is that we will talk about the good things that happened to us this year, giving us a sense of proportion and a positive outlook as the new year arrives.

Shana tova.


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