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What Kind of Reuven Will You Be Next Year?

What we need to think about now, in Tishrei 5779, is Tishrei 5780. This is what Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira Z"L, an Admor (Hassidic Rabbi) who was murdered in the Holocaust and left wonderful writings behind, writes. In his personal diary he wrote an idea that is suitable for the beginning of the new year:

"If you would like to worship G-d and elevate yourself so that you will not be on your 70th birthday as you were on the day of your Bar Mitzvah, please do the following: every year set for yourself a goal. If your name is Reuven, for example, imagine what kind of Reuven you will be next year, what will your achievements, your service and your Middot (character traits) be like in one year from now. And that imaginary Reuven shall be for you as a measuring stick to assess yourself throughout the year - how much are you still lacking in order to be that imaginary Reuven? Is your daily service and acts of self-improvement enough to reach the level of next year's Reuven?".

At the beginning of a year we have to picture ourselves where we want to go, and then we must check whether we have moved forward towards our destination. We have to make sure that we grow not only in the number of years but also in their quality. Shana Tova!


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