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Torah and Unity

הרב עוזיאל זצ"ל

Today is the 66th Yahrzeit of the Chief Sephardic Rabbi, Rav Ben-Zion Meir Chai Uziel. In his last will and testament he asks of the young State of Israel two things: First, to return to Torah: "The Torah of the living G-d and the King of the Universe, who gave His people a Torah of truth, which all of her ways are pleasant and all of her paths are peaceful." Second, to preserve our unity: "Guard with all possible means the peace of the nation and the peace of the State, love the truth and peace, because disagreement and conflict are the most dangerous of enemies. Peace and unity are the eternal foundations to the kingly existence of the house of Israel, so that it will never fall. Remove all the reasons for conflict and disagreement from our camp and from our State, and instead of them – set in their place all the reasons for peace and unity within us, and our camp will become pure and sanctified, fortified and unified, as a fortified city wall that no destructive, vengeful force has any power over it."
Within his last words, Rabbi Uziel called upon the nation to return to its unique, holy heritage, and then implored us to create peace among ourselves. These requests are still relevant today.
In his memory.


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