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The secret power of little things

פירורי קרקר


Translation by Yehoshua Siskin


Amichai Harrison is a prison social worker in the south. A few days ago we spoke about some small changes that one of his prisoners made to his routine recently that can apply to all of us.


"One of the prisoners, imprisoned for dealing drugs shared the small changes that he has been applying to his life:


He began to get up each morning a little earlier than usual in order to get organized for the day ahead. He no longer stuffs his clothes arbitrarily into his dresser drawers but folds them neatly, separating them according to type. He washes his clothes after wearing them and does not wait for a tall pile of dirty clothes to accumulate. He always arrives at work on time and returns home at the same time each day.

He also spoke to me about phone conversations with his mother. Once he did not show interest in how she was getting along, but now he is diligent in calling her regularly.

I was moved by his words and told him that in this week's Torah portion, Vayishlach, we see Yaakov moving his family and possessions to the other side of the Yabbok River on his way back to the Land of Israel.

After everything is already on the other side, he crosses back over the river. Why? Our sages explain. 'Because of little jars' -- objects of small value that he forgot and needed to retrieve.

Why would such a rich man go back for the sake of a few little jars? Why should he care about them? Yaakov Avinu teaches us the secret power of little things. He assigns value to everything in the universe. He knows that everything he possesses is a gift from heaven and therefore minimizes nothing. This is his way. Concern for little things and small details builds a great human being.”

Everyone is invited to ruminate this Shabbat about the little things in their life, recognizing the importance of such things in order to give them the attention they deserve. Shabbat shalom.


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