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The inspiring filter of the Land of Israel

סיון רהב מאיר עם סטפני סוקול והנשים האמריקאיות

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

In the course of a lecture tour in the United States, we were once guests in the home of Stephanie and David Sokol in the Five Towns. We thought they were a typical American couple, except that I noticed how Stephanie conducted Zoom conversations with Israel day and night. "Should the women have dinner before they take a boat ride on Lake Kinneret or after?" she asked, and "Who is the best tour guide to take them through the alleyways of Tzfat?"
It quickly became clear that Stephanie devotes nearly all of her time to an amazing project that brings Jewish women to Israel each summer. The only condition for coming is never having been here before.
I was privileged to meet a group of these women this week. I spoke to them after they toured Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Caesarea and Masada, and after they greeted their first Shabbat in Israel at the Western Wall (Kotel). But it was how they reacted to their visit that surprised me most.
"We put pictures up on social media and everyone who saw them said they never saw us with such a glow. My husband said he never saw me with such a smile. And my children said they never saw me so happy." This reaction was not the result of a pair of rose-colored glasses or of an Instagram filter, but of a filter known as the Land of Israel, their home.
During their first Shabbat in Israel, we read these words from the Torah: "A land the Lord your God looks after; the eyes of the Lord your God are always upon it."
Thank you Stephanie and your group for the privilege of meeting you. If only millions of brothers and sisters like you will be fortunate to visit here as you did. And if only we too -- the Israelis, at the height of the tourist season in Israel -- will be as inspired by the filter of this land as you have been.


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