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The holy stickers

גם חצי חיוך נחשב חיוך לוח סטיקרים

The “holy” stickers come to America

* Translated by Janine Muller Sherr

"Shalom, Sivan. My name is Sara Shapiro and I’m a teacher at the Hebrew Academy in Marlboro, New Jersey. I read what you wrote about the 'holy' stickers, pictures of fallen soldiers that are displayed throughout Israel, along with their favorite sayings and life lessons. I immediately decided to do a related activity with my middle school students. We designed a special 'Yizkor' bulletin board, chose some of the sayings you quoted, and presented them in Hebrew and English on our board. Now, even if we aren’t privileged to be in Israel, these sayings can have an impact on us too. May we hear good news soon".


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