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Sukkot in Tel Aviv

הזמנה להיכנס לסוכה

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Ma'ayan Rosenthal from Tel Aviv writes as follows: "Before the holiday, after we finished building the sukkah we hung signs in the neighborhood that read: "You are invited to our sukkah at 192 Arlozorov Street, even if we are not at home." Today we returned from a visit to grandma and grandpa and to our delight we found a beautiful note. It was a left by a family from The Czech Republic that had been in our sukkah and read as follows:

"Shalom Rosenthal family,
We are the Nazri family. We saw your sign and for the first time in their lives our daughters entered a sukkah. We live in the city of Brno in The Czech Republic and happened to be on a trip to Israel. The girls really wanted to see a sukkah from the inside. 5-year-old Libby said: 'I love how they built this.' 8-year-old Aya said: 'You have a beautiful sukkah and the decorations are also very beautiful.' A big thanks for allowing us to enter your sukkah. Chag sameach from Avihai, Aya, and Libby Nazri."

Ushpizin (holy visitors) in Tel Aviv, 5784. Chag sameach.


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