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Social media: When privacy vanishes

עיניים רואות פייסבוק

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Does anything happen any more that is not photographed or filmed? Are there still things that we would never consider sharing in public? The list of things considered "private" or "personal" is rapidly shrinking. Social media algorithms convey a clear message. Everything about us should be visible to everyone else. And everything we do should be subject to a "like."

We received the Ten Commandments during a giant revelation to the masses at Mount Sinai. But then the nation sinned by making a golden calf, and then Moshe shattered the Tablets of the Covenant. In the Torah portion that we just read on Shabbat, the subsequent process of appeasement and forgiveness is described and then Moshe is invited to ascend Mount Sinai a second time -- to receive a second set of tablets. But this time God tells him: "No man may ascend with you." Our commentators explain that the personal, private revelation is more meaningful than whatever happens in public. And so this time there is no crowd and no thunder and, therefore, Moshe's mission is a success.

Just for a moment, it may be worth contemplating these words: -- "No man may ascend with you" -- and search for moments like this in our lives when we are alone with God. It is sometimes said: "If you didn't post it, it never happened." But when we experience something so profound that it cannot be expressed in words or pictures, that may be the most significant and lasting experience of all.

Shavua tov.


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