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Short is Not Necessarily Superficial

קצר זה לאו דווקא שטחי

They say that these days you must talk shortly and quickly, in a way that is easy to grasp. Exactly 160 years ago today Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk passed away. He was a leader who was known for his sharp, poignant phrases. Long before the social media posts and tweets he delivered messages this way. Here are just a few gems that he said, which prove that short is not necessarily superficial:

  • "There is nothing more whole than a broken heart.
  • "Silence is the most beautiful of sounds."
  • "Everything in the world can be imitated, except for the truth, because fake truth is no longer truth."
  • "Just as you can tolerate the fact that your friend's face is not like yours - so you must tolerate the fact that his opinions are not like yours."
  • "Where is G-d found? Everywhere we allow Him to get in."
  • "People are used to looking in the sky and wondering what is happening there. It is better that they should look at their heart, to see what is happening within them."
  • "I wouldn't have wanted to worship a G-d whose ways are understandable to the mind of every human being."
  • "I want you to not sin. Not because it is forbidden to sin, but because you should be so busy that you would not have time to sin."
  • "The gravest thing about a sin is not the sin itself. The fact that a person does not believe in his ability to correct things and do Teshuvah - is the gravest of sins."

In his memory.


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