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Searching our souls, finding the goodness within

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin
"Our principle task during the month of Elul is to search for and discover what's good about ourselves." So said Rabbi Miki Yosefi yesterday in a MItchadshot (Women's Renewal) workshop.
"We are accustomed to thinking that in the month of Elul we need to do serious stocktaking or soul-searching where we acknowledge our flaws and recognize the mistakes we have made. But Rebbe Nachman of Breslov explains that, when looking within, it's much more important to examine the goodness that we did not celebrate, the generosity that we did not extol. This is the fuel we need now as we approach the Days of Awe.
The way to properly awaken ourselves as the new year approaches is to seriously scrutinize our good deeds, to find time to give thanks for them and to be reminded that they are the expression of our true selves. This is not about pride or narcissism. At this time of year, everyone needs to answer the question: What is good about me? What is the light that I bring to the world?
Shana tova."


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