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Praying for the hostages

רשימת חטופים מתעדכנת שמות לתפילה

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Yesterday I mentioned here with great joy that, when praying for the hostages, the names of Luis and Fernando could be removed from the list. Since then, I have received many requests for a list of the hostages that remain. Just as so many other things have changed since Simchat Torah, so has the focus of our prayers.

So, first of all, here is a link to the list of hostages.

Since the outbreak of hostilities, Matanya Weinstock has devoted himself to this project. He learned the full names of the hostages and of their mothers (since we are accustomed to pray for someone’s health or welfare by mentioning their name and that of their mother). Matanya also learned the full names of the non-Jews (most of them foreign workers) among the hostages and then created an organized list that included the name of every hostage.

Each week, he updates the list since there are some hostages who may have been released or others, unfortunately, who were pronounced dead. This week he removed the names of Fernando and Luis.

These lists have been printed throughout Israel and the entire world and are seen in synagogues, schools, where Shabbat candles are lit, at the graves of tzadikim. The lists are a spiritual “Iron Dome” whose presence may be attributed to the efforts of one individual.

Unfortunately Matanya’s son was seriously wounded in Gaza. So we will now add his name, for a speedy and complete recovery, to the list: Yonatan Yitzhak ben Ateret.

Thank you for the abundance of requests for the list of hostages. It says something beautiful about us. May all our prayers be accepted.


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