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Praying for recovery is one thing, sharing when it happens is another

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Several days ago, during a large women's event, a teenage girl approached me. I did not recognize her, but then she said her name: "Naama Har Kesef."

Wow. Naama is the daughter of Chaim Har Kesef, of blessed memory. He was a volunteer for Magen David Adom and Hatzalah who was killed in an automobile accident during Chol HaMoed of Pesach. Naama was seriously injured, anesthetized, and placed on a ventilator. Lots of us prayed for Naama Bat Revital Sarah for many days.

And suddenly she is here next to me, after a long period of rehabilitation, not even with crutches, telling me how she has returned to her twelfth grade studies.

We spoke a little and Naama said: "I know that many people I have never met continue to pray for me, and so it is important for me to say thank you, baruch HaShem. After so many people prayed for me to live, I feel that I am obligated to live a more meaningful life."

And then she asked: "Why not publicize my amazing recovery just as my serious injury was publicized? Most of those who heard about me don't know about the incredible improvement in my condition. We are accustomed to talk about our difficulties and hardships, but not to share our deliverance from them."

I am publicizing all of this not only because of Naama, but so that we will look at many other occurrences in our lives in a similar manner.


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