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Love for love's sake on the Golan Heights

פק"ל רנה

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Good morning from Hispin in the Golan Heights. I cannot describe in words all the beauty -- of panoramic views and people -- that I saw here this week. There is a remarkable upsurge in development of this area. As for tourism, Israelis from every sector and tourists from all over the world can be seen traveling together, and a blessed tranquility is in the air.
At the wellspring of Nov, as in many other resting spots in Israel, a "Rina Refreshment Kit" has been placed in the memory of Rina Schnerb, the 17-year-old girl who was murdered in a terrorist attack while hiking. The kit includes a portable gas burner, coffee, tea, sugar, snacks, reading material, and a courteous request to keep the area clean and not to make use of the kit on Shabbat. One of the visitors to the site had written in a notebook (included with the kit) as follows:
"I am sitting here among the trees. The breeze is caressing my face like a mother caresses her child. Everything is so beautiful and flowers are blooming everywhere. The coffee I made here was the best coffee I ever drank, not because of the coffee but because of the wonderful feeling that someone loved me even though we had never met -- love for love's sake that simply warms the heart. Thank you."
And then next to the notebook I saw the story behind these kits that was written by Rina's family. I noted that the day I visited was the same day Rina was murdered, the 22nd of Av, four years ago.
May all of us hear an abundance of exclusively good news, now and always.


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