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Kadish Lekol Kadosh

kadish lekol kadosh

Rabbi Reuven Taragin from "World Mizrachi" movement writes about a new project:

"Jews around the world feel very close to what is happening here, but also very far away. They try to help and connect in any way they can. We have now created a new way for the Jews of the world together with Dror Amos, the Israeli who founded the site 'Kaddish for every Kadosh'.

They can connect with the bereaved families, not just for one day and not just for a week, but for an entire period: simply say Kaddish for one of the fallen. To really connect with them.

There are many people who have no one to say Kaddish for now, and their families are looking for volunteers for this. Later, meetings will be held between the Jews who say Kaddish and the family members of the fallen."

May the prayers be accepted. For details:


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