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In the memory of Eliyahu David Kay, z"l

אליהו קיי ז"ל בעבודתו בכותל

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

On the surface, both of them were educators. The cursed terrorist Fadi Abu-Shkhaydam taught religious studies at the Islamic Rashidiya school in East Jerusalem. Eliyahu Kay, on the other hand, worked as a guide at the Western Wall. What an unfathomable difference between a religion of death and a religion of life.

One ordered his wife and children to leave the country before he committed his murderous act. The other brought his family to Israel, his brothers and parents simply following in his footsteps by making aliyah. He had been planning a wedding with his fiancee, which was to take place in the coming months.

One was a member of Hamas' Temple Mount contingent. He prayed there, hearing and delivering sermons that promoted terrorism. The other stood every day at the entrance to the Kotel where he greeted each visitor and guest, spoke to them about the city, and regaled its beauty. He was especially moved by those from the Diaspora who sent him pieces of paper upon which prayers were written; he dutifully slipped them between the stones of the Kotel. Several days ago, Eliyahu told a friend that after years in the army, in yeshiva, and in agriculture, he felt that when working at the Kotel he was completely living his dream. He had just finished Sunday morning prayers at the Kotel and was murdered wrapped in his tefillin while holding "Likutei Sichot" (Collected Talks) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

When the Holy Temple stood, mourners would enter from the exit gates in order that everyone present would see them, stop, comfort them, and say: "May the One who dwells in this house console you." May all of us be consoled.


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