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“God puts an end to darkness”

חטופים שנהרגו מאש כחותנו

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Here are a few words that can still give us hope, despite the tragic death of the three hostages who were killed from friendly fire.

These words were first spoken by Iyov (Job), but they have been invoked by our sages throughout history to summarize the Torah portion we read this past Shabbat and to give the nation hope during difficult times: “God puts an end to darkness.” (Job 28:3) To every form of darkness, there is an end. Difficult times come to an end. They do not go on forever.

Yosef’s situation was extremely bleak. His brothers sold and abandoned him, and then he became a prisoner in Egypt. Completely lost. Apparently without hope. And suddenly in one moment he is rushed from the darkness of the dungeon into the light and becomes viceroy of Egypt.

Circumstances changed in an instant, as surprising and wonderful things suddenly happened. As great as the abyss into which he had sunk was the height of the summit that he reached. The king of Egypt brought him out of prison, consulted with him, and appointed him to the highest position in the land.

Yet throughout the long and difficult years, Yosef never despaired. He prayed and acted and achieved. And then, finally, his trials were over and he rose to the highest heights.

In their memory.

“God puts an end to darkness.”
With prayers for an end to the darkness.
May we merit to emerge from the darkness of the dungeon into the light of the redemption.


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