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For Family Day

Tomorrow is "Family Day", but the tension between family and home to career and work is not solved in one such festive day. Brig. Gen. Eliezer Toledano, who was recently appointed to be the commander of the Gaza Division, sent the officers under his command the following letter about their connection with their home. These words are suitable also for people of other professions:

"Commanders! We have the merit to protect our national home on the border with the Gaza Strip. I am aware of the immense sacrifice that your families, as well as you, make. In order to guard our national home, we must guard our private home. My wife has taught me an important principle: Come when you can, go when you have to. A commander and an officer in the Gaza Division area is under a burden of responsibility. My expectation of you is that once a week you will leave to go home at a time that allows you to collect your children from kindergarten, to fold the laundry and to sit at a family dinner. I trust you that you know when you can leave to go home, and when you have to return to base. I will not hesitate to call you when I need you. At the end of my military service I want to be a spouse, a father and a commander. I would not give up any of these roles."


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