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Digging and Finding Water

חב"ד 770

What did they do there together, in this picture which was taken yesterday - about 4,000 Chabbad emissaries who arrived from some 100 countries to the annual conference in NY? What motivates them to make contact with millions of Jews around the world, and help them in any way they can? What is their purpose? The explanation to this amazing phenomenon was provided, of course, by the man who had sent them on this mission, the Lubavitcher Rebbe. In his commentary on this week's Portion he dwells on the verse that describes the deeds of Yitzchak Avinu: "And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father". And he explains thus: Yitzchak's work is also our work - to dig wells. To believe that under the dirt and dust and all the layers, there is clear, sweet water. Even if someone seems indifferent, distant and cynical, or even wicked - this is just an outer shell. Inside there is a soul, there is life. This is not just Yitzchak's mission, and not only the mission of the emissaries in this picture, but the mission of all of us. "Yitzchak's work gives strength to each and every one", he said, "so that he would not claim that he cannot reach the light of the soul, even when it is hidden. Yitzchak had already paved a way for us and gave us the strength not to despair, to remove the interfering elements and to reach the essence."


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