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Blocking off a road - together

מסע הצדעה לדוד יהודה

 Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

"Shalom Sivan, This is Lital Michaeli from Itamar (a community in Samaria). Since our dear David Yehuda Yitzhak was killed in battle in Jenin, his motorcycle had been here in Itamar. He loved motorcycles very much and took advantage of every opportunity to ride his throughout our beautiful land. Two weeks ago, he came to visit my neighbor with his motorcycle. There he did some repairs and bolt tightening. Together with my neighbor he rode over the amazing hills of Itamar, and when he got back he said he would leave his motorcycle here and would return for it in a few days. To our dismay, he did not return.
Today, with the end of the shiva (seven days of mourning) period, his motorcycle was returned from Itamar to his home in Beit El as the centerpiece of an inspiring memorial motorcade. No one here imagined that representatives from so many motorcycle clubs from every part of Israel would participate in this event. Hundreds of individuals, both religious and secular, from the distant south and the faraway north, came to ride together in his memory. On the way to Beit El, they stopped off at Humus Eliyahu, the restaurant at the entrance to the town of Eli where a horrible terrorist attack had taken place. There they sang HaTakiva. Meanwhile, in Beit El, crowds on either side of the road awaited their arrival, waving flags with great fanfare, until David Yehdua's motorcycle arrived at his home.
The road through Beit El was blocked off for the sake of the motorcade, but it was of an entirely different kind than what we have seen lately over judicial reform. In my opinion, this was an event worthy of a news broadcast featuring those who, despite a wide diversity of backgrounds and outlooks, came together in a true demonstration of unity. It is my fondest wish that as many people as possible will hear about this motorcade and see reports of this most extraordinary spectacle that we witnessed today.
May we be strengthened by more good news of real unity going forward."


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