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Ben Porat Yosef

בן פורת יוסף
צילום: אתר דנון תכשיטים

Ben Porat Yosef, Ben Porat Alei Ayin. This famous sentence is part of the blessing of Yaacov to his son, Yosef. Since then, Yosef is recognized as the one on whom Ayin HaRa (the Evil Eye) has no power. Many commentators explain this as follows, with no mysticism at all: Yosef's secret against Ayin HaRa was very simple - he had a good eye. The harder things get for him, the more pleasant and sweet he is to everyone. He always looks at reality and interprets it in a positive way. In the book of the Tanya it was written that we must learn all of this from Yosef - to "bestow kindness upon the culpable" - even though it is hard not to take revenge against those who are culpable against us, we must do kindness unto them. Even if the brothers sold Yosef, he does not hold grudge against them, but makes peace with them. Even if he was thrown into jail for no reason in Egypt, he is nice to his cellmates. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said about this: "Yosef discovered the secret of dealing with human evil: Focusing on the positive and not on the negative, understanding that you are a part of a greater divine plan, and using the evil which exists in reality as a lever for self-correction and improvement." And Yosef succeeded in this, Bli Ayin HaRa.


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