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And He Loved Her


Translation: Rahel Jaskow

This verse – one of the most beautiful in the entire Torah – appears toward the end of the portion that we will be reading this coming Shabbat: “And Yitzhak brought her to the tent of Sarah his mother. He took Rivka as his wife and he loved her, and so Yitzhak found consolation after the loss of his mother.” What do we learn from this verse?

“To the tent of Sarah his mother” –Rivka the young woman becomes Rivka the Matriarch due to her kindness. Eliezer, the servant whom Avraham sent to find Yitzhak a suitable bride, is not influenced by wealth, honor, or beauty, but rather by Rivka’s generosity – the fact that she was quick to give water to him and to his camels. It is thanks to Rivka’s excellent personality traits that she is brought to the tent of the Matriarch Sarah, which had become vacant.

“He took Rivka as his wife and he loved her” – Contrary to what the surrounding culture sometimes tells us, love increases mainly after the home has been built. The Patriarch Yitzhak and the Matriarch Rivka marry, and their love increases with their shared mission.

“And Yitzhak found consolation” – Yitzhak, who had suffered the loss of his mother Sarah at the beginning of the Torah portion, finds his life partner and brings a new generation into the world at its conclusion. This is his consolation and the continuity of us all.

Shabbat shalom.

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