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What a primary school principal wrote to his students

עם ישראל חי

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Uzi Chason, principal of the “Or HaShachar” primary school in Ramat HaSharon, sent the following letter to parents and students. I believe it is worthy of wider distribution:

“Dear students, parents, and staff,

After a successful night in which hundreds of missiles that were launched toward Israel were intercepted, and in anticipation of the holiday ahead, I wish to share a few thoughts. The goal of our enemies, above all, is to frighten us. Yet throughout the generations God brings upon us events whose purpose is to make us grow as individuals and as a nation. This event too calls upon us to examine how to act and push forward and carries with it three messages:

First, “Think positive and it will be positive.” This is a core maxim of the Hasidic movement. The mere act of thinking positively creates calm and tranquility within us that leads to a positive outcome.

Second, in a few days we will be sitting at the Seder table and will proclaim: “In every generation they rose up against us to destroy us and God saves us from their hand.” Today they still try to harm us, but this is not a fair fight since god is on our side, just as he has been since the Exodus from Egypt 3,336 years ago, and no nation can defeat us.

We endured Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzer, Achashverosh and Haman, the Greeks, the Romans, the crusaders, the Inquisition,,the Kishinev pogroms, the Hebron pogroms of 1929, and many wars. Just as in the past, we will be victorious in the current war since we are on the right side of history.

Third, there is significance in the actions we take to help those around us, to strengthen those who are close and those who are farther away, including family members, neighbors, friends, acquaintances and, of course, ourselves. It’s important to remain calm in response to the directives of the Home Front Command. It is also possible to make a positive impact through our prayers, Torah learning, and the recitation of psalms.

Remember: We are in the midst of a single war among many that the nation of Israel has waged with success, throughout the generations. May we all hear good news.”


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