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A time to weep, a time to act

חמשת החללים

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Once again, ever since Shabbat ended, names of recently fallen soldiers have been announced. The following words are dedicated in their memory:

In the Torah portion that we just read on Shabbat, we see Yosef full of tears, but our commentators request that we pay attention to how Yosef, nevertheless, does not stop doing and achieving. His tears are not paralyzing. Although he weeps when he reveals himself to his brothers and later when he meets his father, he quickly composes himself and takes action, collecting and storing grain in Egypt for the years of famine to come.

Yosef shows us that it is acceptable to weep and lose control, to give tearful expression to our emotions, but it’s entirely possible to collect ourselves afterwards, even under trying circumstances, and to continue to do great things.

We are complex beings. Our tears need not prevent us from acting in a manner that positively influences the world around us, and the actions that we take need not diminish the heartfelt emotions behind our tears.

Shavua tov and may we all hear good news.


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