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A thought for the new month

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Chodesh tov! Have a good month! Today is the 1st of the month of Cheshvan. With the conclusion of Tishrei, the routine starts all over again. Rabbi Zalmen Wishedski from Basel, Switzerland, wrote about this as follows:

"'Have a good year is not just a wish, but also a call for action. I wholeheartedly believe in this idea. We cannot allow ourselves to remain with the good wishes of Tishrei, but must enter the month of Cheshvan moving forward with faith and action in order to make sure that this will, in fact, be a good year. As an old Chasidic saying has it: 'Think good - and it will be good.' Your thoughts influence, if not determine, your reality.

Therefore, a person who enters the routine of the new year with an attitude of 'I cannot do this, I will not be successful, I have no time and there is no chance that life will be better - is most likely not to have a good year. On the other, imagine someone who enters the new year thinking and saying:

'This year I will bring stability and joy into the life of my family, b'ezrat HaShem.

This year I am going to rectify my financial situation no matter what.

This year I am going to invest in a child who has difficulty with his studies and help him to fulfill his potential.

This year I am going to bring into my marriage a greater degree of love and caring.'

There is no doubt that the one who enters the new year moving forward in this way signficantly increases his chances for success. Of course, it is also necessary to take action. You want a good year? Start to make it one. Organize a plan, improve yourself, solicit professional help, but everything should be based on the approach that God believes in us, and we believe in ourselves. So shana tova. This is not only a wish, but also a call for action".


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