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A prayer for after the holidays

אב ובנו בהקפות שניות
צילום: ליאור ברקוביץ

Translation by Yeshoahus Siskin 

The following prayer was composed by Rabbi Zevik Harel for after the holidays.

Our Father, our King, gather all the divine sparks revealed in our holy actions throughout the holidays.

Take all the tiredness tossed aside by old and young alike as they rose with devotion at midnight to recite Selichot.

Take the millions of coins that were given for tzedakah to the poor.

Gather the millions of shofar blasts that were heard in synagogues and outside of them, in all corners of the globe.

Collect all the good thoughts and plans of the nation of Israel that were inspired by the sounds of the shofar.

Accept the fasts of your people on the holy day of Yom Kippur -- in cities, towns, villages, and kibbutzim.

Take the millions of resolutions to change that were made during the ne'ilah prayer at the close of Yom Kippur.

Take the extra efforts exerted to acquire the four species and to build sukkahs.

Take the work of the children who with joyful excitement made decorations to beautify their sukkahs.

Take the determination to be happy of those searching for a lifetime partner but not yet finding a match -- whether single men and women, divorced men and women, or widowed men and women -- who overlooked the empty place in their sukkahs or in their hearts to find joy and be joyful on the holidays.

Take all the hospitality, opening of hearts, and love for one another displayed throughout the holidays.

Take all the laundry and the cooking, all the traffic jams, all the attempts to make peace between the kids in the back seat, as well as all the valiant efforts to organize family gatherings.

Take the millions of pairs of shoes that danced joyously with the Torah while making hakafot around the bimah on Simchat Torah.

Take all the twinges in the hearts of those with family members in the army and security forces, medical teams, and other essential service sectors who could not celebrate the holidays together with their families in order that we could celebrate the holidays in security and peace.

And for all of this, please grant us a year of health, peace, prosperity, and joy,"


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