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A "Prayer before Praying" for today

Today, 236 years ago, Rebbe Elimelech of LIzhensk, among the giants of the Chasidic movement, passed away. In his "Prayer before Praying," the following supplications, so timely in light of our current situation, appear:
"Place in our hearts the ability to see only the good in our friends and not their shortcomings. May we speak to each other in a way that is straight and desirable in Your eyes. May there be no hatred between friends, Heaven forbid. Strengthen our bond and our ties to You with love, as it is revealed and known to You that we strive to give You only satisfaction and pleasure."
"Safeguard us from ulterior motives, from haughtiness and vanity, from anger, pedantry, and bearing grudges, sadness, slander, and other bad character traits. Save us from all things that destroy and prevent Your pure, holy service which is so dear to us."
"Awaken our hearts and the hearts of all Your nation Israel. And remove all barriers and partitions that separate us from You, our Father in heaven. Rescue us from all obstacles, from failures and mistakes. Do not forsake us and do not abandon us and do not embarrass us."
(Translation by Tal Moshe Zwecker, from "Mipeninei Noam Elimelech," Targum Press)
May we merit to see the fulfillment of Rebbe Elimelch's "Prayer before Praying" at once.
In his memory.


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