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Yehi ratzon (May it be His will)

יהי רצון שתשרה שכינה במעשה ידיכם

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

It's one of the most beautiful blessings, and it came from Moshe Rabbeinu The nation of Israel dedicated itself to building the Mishkan (sanctuary), the spiritual center that accompanied our people in the desert. Silver, gold, and jewels were donated and arduous effort was exerted until the work was complete. Rashi comments that Moshe Rabbeinu then blessed the people with these words. "May it be His will that the Shechinah (Divine Presence) should rest in the work of your hands."

Moshe Rabbeinu is saying that you did not just build a beautiful building. You built a sanctuary full of meaning, values, and spiritual content. I bless you that you should see the significance of your hard work, that you should see how every shekel, every nail, and every drop of sweat created a dwelling place for God that brings sanctity into the world -- that this physical undertaking should enlighten and bless the world, transforming reality itself.

This is a call to bring holiness into everything we do. May it be His will that the Shechinah should rest in the work of our hands.


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