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Words of wisdom from a 40-year-old bride


Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

A very good friend of mine got engaged last night. After almost 20 years of searching for her soulmate, she found him at the age of 40. Unlike myself, she is shy and did not want me to publish her name or a picture of her and her fiance. She did, however, agree to share some thoughts on her experience:
"As the years pass, it is important to improve yourself, to move forward in life, not to just sit around and wait. Take advantage of the time you have to yourself to grow
It's necessary to be open to the suggestions and ideas of others. Even while thinking you know what is good for you, you can get stuck. Meanwhile, the years keep going by. Take to heart the saying of our sages that you should "acquire for yourself a friend." It is worthwhile to listen to friends and family, to consult with them, to understand how people who love you see the bigger picture. They are on your side.
Prayers are answered, baruch HaShem. We are used to words of consolation and reassurance following disappointments and tragedies. But sometimes we forget that such commiseration is unnecessary when we see that our prayers can be answered, when our heart's desire is finally fulfilled
And when it is meant to happen, it happens in the twinkling of an eye. The children of Israel were in Egypt for 210 years. Why couldn't they have waited just a few more minutes for their dough to rise before leaving? Because when redemption comes, it arrives without a moment's delay."
Mazal tov!


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