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When the darkness of lies is vanquished by the light of truth


* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Sometimes we are privileged to see light overcome darkness. Until recently, on the lawn at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, there was an encampment of Hamas supporters. We cannot allow ourselves to normalize these encampments. Nor can we forget that In the academic institutions of the world’s leading superpower, there were calls for the destruction of Israel and legitimization of the horrors of October 7th.

But today, in an apartment directly opposite the site of the former encampment, I am visiting the new home of Talia and Ben Voskoboynik, a sweet, young couple. They were excitedly preparing for their first event as Chabad emissaries. On the wall next to their suitcases, Talia had hung a to-do list that included establishing a Wi-Fi connection and arranging the bedrooms. She was in the process of setting up her own private residence even while transforming the same space into a Chabad house.

10 students arrived. I told them that I realize that I came to the United States, not for the big lectures I delivered, but rather to see how 10 young Jews came together to be on the right side of history and to strengthen their identity during such confusing times.

We spoke about Israel and the current situation, about the media and what was happening on college campuses. Talia and Ben spoke of how they were once young Americans far from their roots, until as college students, they discovered their Judaism. I expressed my wish that this apartment would quickly be too small for them since hundreds of students would be coming to their Shabbat meals. Then these 10 could proudly say that they were the first visitors to the campus Chabad house.

After all, the tents outside were a lie that disappeared, while inside this home, a lasting truth was here to stay.




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