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Weaving Light

צילום: בת שבע סדן

That's it, the lists are closed, at least in the Portion. Who is dancing around the golden calf and who isn't? Who chooses to join the celebration of idol worship at the foothill of Mt. Sinai, and who realizes this is a lie? There, in the desert, the division of parties was very clear: the women did not join the sin of the golden calf, while the men did. The men hurried to donate, and got carried away by the calf, while the women refused. Not only did the women of the desert generation not want to give their jewelry to make the golden calf, they also knew when it was worthwhile to donate and give: when they built the Mishkan. Then they hurried to give and help and be part of the story. It repeats itself throughout the journey in the desert - with the sin of the spies, with the sin of Korach, etc... The women were on a higher spiritual level and perceived the purpose of the whole story differently.

This idea was sent to me by Shiran Yefet. She thought about it while she was participating in the "Weaving Light" project in memory of Ori Ansbecher HY"D. Thousands of women from all over the world have already created a small embroidery piece each, and these pieces will eventually be connected together to form one big Chupah cloth, in her memory. Shiran weaved a small piece here in Israel this week, and was reminded of the joint embroidery of the women of the desert, for the Mishkan, after the Exodus of Egypt, and somehow the email I got from her reminded me that there are other things in the world except the upcoming elections.


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