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We are like a sukkah

צילום: פלאש90

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Here are a few words from Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks about the sukkah and about us:

"The festival of Sukkot takes us back to the most elemental roots of our being: We are made keenly aware that we do not have to live in a palace to be surrounded by clouds of glory. It is precisely into our simple sukkah that the fathers of the nation enter as guests. On this festival, a little hut is revealed to be far more beautiful and meaningful than a luxurious home because it reminds us that we are only temporary residents in God's world. Joy, the overwhelming theme of the festival, is what we feel when we are reminded that it is a privilege simply to be alive, to breathe in the intoxicating beauty of this moment amidst the profusion of nature, and to connect to all of our brothers, to our history, and to hope.

The nation of Israel is likened to a sukkah that falls but then is put back up again throughout the years. It is precisely the Sukkot festival, a week centered around a portable and temporary structure, that we call 'the time of our rejoicing.' Because Judaism is not a comforting illusion, as if everything is as it should be in our world. Judaism is the courage to believe and to celebrate even when there is uncertainty, when everything is not perfect".


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