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Wanted: A breakthrough year


* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

In the run-up to the next Women's Renewal workshop, I asked participants to share their advice and ideas regarding the arrival of the new year.

Karen Cohen found a radical message in the acronym for 5784 (תשפ"ד). She suggests that tav, shin, pe, and dalet are the first letters of Hebrew words -- תהא שנת פריצת דרך -- that, translated into English, convey this message: Let it be a breakthrough year.

Karen explained herself as follows:

"We always look for positive acronyms in the letters of the new year, but this time I think we must demand a complete breakthrough and nothing less. A real change, far beyond anything we have imagined up till now.

A breakthrough with joy, with health, with prosperity and radical new thinking, whether in politics, the security situation, the social networks, or children's education. A breakthrough for my friend who is single and getting older and for my family and I, living in a rented apartment that's too small for us.

Simply to break through in many new and better ways, to surprise ourselves, to be creative and innovative.

Someone once came to the Lubavitcher Rebbe and said to him: I have a problem. The Rebbe asked him not to use the word 'problem,' but the word 'opportunity' instead. A so-called problem is rather an opportunity to adopt a different, fresh, and positive perspective, to seek out new options in every situation."

Thank you, Karen, and may this be a breakthrough year.


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