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Three messages from Devorah Paley

פתקי ברכה שהשאירו לדברי פאלי במחלקת יולדות

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

Can you experience national unity on Zoom? 10,000 women from all sectors of society registered for a broadcast that was launched by Devorah Paley to mark thirty days since the terrorist attack in Ramot in which her two sons, Asher-Menachem and Ya'akov-Yisrael, were murdered. On the same morning that Devorah planned to make the broadcast, she gave birth to a baby boy, and so congratulations to her and her family are in order.
When the broadcast was planned, we had taken this possible happy scenario into account and so I recorded a conversation with Devorah before she gave birth. Her remarks included the following three uplifting messages:
First, regarding the nation of Israel."From the moment of the terrorist attack until now, I just walk around and witness the astonishing phenomenon of the nation of Israel. I do not think that we appreciate this in our daily lives. There is so much power, support, and unity among us, a constant embrace of each other and a desire to help. Why do people I don't know knock on my door on Purim to bring me mishloach manot? And while sitting shiva, why did people I didn't know sit in my living room with tears rolling down their cheeks? Because they understand that this is not just my personal story, but that it is their story too."
Second, regarding her children. "Since this happened I say to myself: 'Let their sacrifice not be in vain.' If this had to happen, let something significant come from it. That some benefit should be derived from our tragedy. Every positive act, every resolution to do good, and every meaningful initiative in their memory gives me solace. Thanks to all of you."
Third, regarding herself: "I was an anonymous woman. Now suddenly I am recognized in the street. This happened against my will. But if this happened, I hope that I can do what I am supposed to do, that I properly fulfill this role even though I truly did not choose it."
Thank you, Devorah. Mazal tov. And may all of us hear only good news.


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