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The time is now!

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

We are after Pesach and after the lockdowns. We promised to change a lot during the past year, but promises to change are no big deal when everything is closed. The big deal is to live up to those promises now that everything is open. For example, take our commitment to life at home as opposed to life outside. How fond we became of Shabbat and holidays that we spent together as a family. And how we celebrated even ordinary days since we were not running off in every direction, but rather talking, playing, and living side by side. Now that we can go wherever we want, will we maintain a balance between life at home and outside of it?

We spoke a lot about homemade food and home-cooked meals. That we do not always need to eat outside, in restaurants or on the go, where the menu often consists of factory food saturated with fat and salt. Will we still remember the importance of eating healthy now that we can again eat whatever we want outside?

Another example: the celebration of Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. How many times did we hear: "We saved tens of thousands of shekels and the Bar Mitzvah was so real and beautiful, without inviting people whom we really did want to come and who really would not have wanted to be invited anyway." Or for example: "If only we could continue with small, sane, and joyful weddings. Will we have the courage?"

That's precisely the question. Will we have the courage, will we remember our promises, will we change? Will we "return to form" or will we understand that we did not go through the past year only to return to exactly where we left off. The time is now, and everything depends on us. Pesach is over, but have we truly left slavery for freedom?


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