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The Heart Key

יוסף והאחים
ציור: יואלב וקסברגר

The following idea was sent to me by Da’el and Noam-Miriam Cohen, who got married two months ago:

"In this week's Portion, VaYigash, Yehudah teaches us an attitude for life. The brothers face the Egyptian ruler who insists on taking one of them, to him. The matter gets more and more complicated, and there is seemingly no way out. Many times in our lives we find ourselves in hard, exhausting negotiations. It can be a soldier who asks to enlist in a commander’s course, someone who applies for a job or even a defendant who faces a judge. You feel stuck, you bump into high-walls of laws and constraints and rigid procedures. What should you do? Yehudah teaches us about the heart key. He simply tells the full story, including all of its sensitivities and complexities. He unveils the truth, and speaks fluently and sincerely, he shares his feelings and is not ashamed to also shout and express his distress. And then the unbelievable happens: Yosef cannot hold himself back anymore, and he discloses to them that the tough Egyptian ruler is in fact their lost brother. The brothers reunite.
"When we start talking sincerely, then heart meets heart, and we climb up from an atmosphere of judgement to that of charity and kindness. Suddenly high walls fall and everything becomes more flexible and more possible. Try this at home."


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