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The broadest coalition

צילום: פלאש90

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

This was the worst time and the best time to hold elections. The worst time – because we are a Jewish state. There is a certain unique atmosphere just before Pesach, and it was destroyed this year. By the way, it is also not desirable to hold elections on Yom Kippur Eve. It would have been possible to schedule these elections a little earlier or a little later. In these days before Pesach, there is a feeling of celebration, of unity, of family togetherness, especially after a year of corona isolation. And there is also the important mitzvah of removing every trace of chometz through deep cleaning; the nation of Israel is presently preoccupied cleaning its homes, its cars, and everything else. I would not be surprised if the low voter turnout was connected to this. It's not very convenient to jump in the car and ride to the polling station just when you finish taking everything out of the refrigerator and all the food is in the living room.

But this was also the best time to vote, as we have been reminded of the value of a coaltion. Because after all the divisions and denouncements, a night of holiness – the Seder night – arrives to usher in the broadest coalition. It's a truly unified coalition since more than 90% of the Jews in Israel celebrate it. This year's Seder night reminds us that we have a story with a much deeper meaning than that found in the chapter about the fourth elections. We have a powerful common denominator, cultural riches that belong to all of us, and a common mission that begins with the Exodus from Egypt and continues until today. According to Wikipedia, the words most searched on the Internet in Israel prior to the latest elections were "Ka'arat Leil HaSeder" (Seder plate). This is clear proof that Pesach in the Land of Israel is a national coalition.

Chag sameach. Have a happy holiday.


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