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The Best Party in Town

בית חב"ד איה נאפה
"Shalom, Sivan. This is Zusha Neimark, the Chabad emissary to... Ayia Napa. It's already been three years that my wife Yaeli and I have been here. I wanted to tell you about 250 young people who sat at our Shabbat table for the Shabbat meals last Shabbat. The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us to turn on the light everywhere in which there is darkness, and during this summer we hope to turn on a small light in the hearts of thousands. In the news they talk a lot about 'סור מרע' (avoid doing evil) - about what is forbidden to do, where one is not allowed to travel to, and these things are proper and important. But in my opinion, it is very important to also talk about 'עשה טוב' (do good) - how to live life that is full of meaning, positive content and satisfaction so that there will simply not be any time or room for negative things. We have to think how to fill our lives with a sense of our mission, with doing positive things, with volunteering, with learning. We mustn't say to a child 'no' all the time. We have to also create a 'yes' which will excite him. This is the best way to distance ourselves from doing evil. We spoke here a lot on Shabbat about our free choice. We have a free choice always, in every moment, to choose between good and bad. Also, in this very moment. To learn to control ourselves, to respect others, to set boundaries, to train ourselves to choose good - all of this is more important than anything else that kids may learn at school. On Shabbat we sang together, talked, danced and had fun. I was very moved when, at the end of the meal, when everyone came to thank my wife and me politely, one of the guys said: HaRav, truth is - this is the best party in town."


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