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Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

In Israel, as of this morning, we are waiting for snow. Children as well as adults are looking forward to a blanket of white with much excitement. This is an opportunity to be reminded of and to examine two Biblical verses that are concerned with snow:

  • "Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be as white as snow." In this verse, the prophet Isaiah explains that sins are like a fabric dyed in scarlet that can be turned as white as glistening snow. It's possible, life can be changed, transformed, and purified. Even when hopelessness sets in, it's possible to start fresh, with a new story that begins on a page as smooth and white as snow.
  • "Her household does not fear the snow since they are all dressed in scarlet." This verse is taken from Eshet Chayil (woman of valor), the final chapter in the book of Proverbs, which is sung on Friday night in honor of the mother of the family. She does not fear the cold of the snowstorm outside since every member of her household is dressed, snug and warm, in scarlet. Our commentators explain that the verse does not only refer to warm clothes as a remedy to blustery blizzards. Rather, the woman of valor envelopes her household in loving warmth and provides her children with tools to cope with the stormy challenges of life. This year, especially, it seems to me that this verse describes a multitude of mothers.

Enjoy the snow.


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