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Our Present Tasks

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

"Shalom Sivan, I am Chaya Golan from Jerusalem. I suddenly noticed the following words that we recite during morning prayers each day: 'These are the actions whose fruits are enjoyed in this world but whose principal remains for the World to Come, and they are: honoring one's father and mother, deeds of kindness, going early to the learn in the morning and the evening, hosting guests, visiting the sick, wedding ceremony, escorting the dead, prayer study, bringing peace between one person and another, and between a husband and a wife, and the study of the Torah is equivalent to them all'.

Here are ten tasks we are meant to do but in the present situation five of them are not possible: going out to learn, hosting guests, visiting the sick, attending weddings or funerals. On the other hand, the additional five tasks have become of critical importance: we need to make an extra effort to honor parents (to honor them when we cannot meet or hug, or when we are isolated with them at home for a prolonged period); deeds of kindness (of which there are many, but first of all with family members with whom we are together 24/7); prayer study (to pray with true sincerity and more intention than usual); to bring peace between two people (this is the ideal time for reconciliation and appeasement); and of course to learn Torah in every free moment.

"May we merit to return quickly and joyously to the first five mitzvot as well. Wishing a full recovery for all."


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